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Buyers don't pay commissions - where do these savings come from?

When a home is sold, the seller-paid commission of 5% of the value of the home is split between the sellers agent and the buyers agent. CommissionChoppers is changing that outdated model for home buyers – giving you greater buying power, additional instant equity or cash in-hand at closing to buy furniture or appliances!

CommissionChoppers works on your behalf to negotiate with the very best agents and brokers across the country to reduce their cut of the commission, and pass along 20% of their commission to you as a Buyer Bonus! Your Buyer Bonus will be credited to you at closing, allowing you to save thousands, all while receiving the same service, support and guidance!

Your local agent will be from one of the well known local brokerages or from a small brokerage near you – the main criteria is that they are a sales leader in the local real estate market and have a long-term 5-star rating from various review portals. In an effort to receive ongoing client referrals from CommissionChoppers, our partner agents and brokers are happy to pass these incredible savings to you!

After signing up for free, you will be connected with your local real estate expert to begin discussing your home search criteria and be on your way to saving big on your home purchase!

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