Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have a CommissionChoppers sign in my yard or a local brokerage’s sign?

You will have a local brokerage sign in your front yard just like your neighbors who are selling their home for a 5% or 6% commission! The difference is, you are keeping more of your equity from the sale!

Why would a top agent reduce their commission so much and why would they still provide me with their full service?

CommissionChoppers is truly a win-win for both you and our partner agents. You get to save thousands of dollars in commissions and our partner agents get a lot of new business, much more business than they would have received prior to earning and retaining their position as a CommissionChoppers Agent Partner. Our partner agents offer incredible service, support and guidance throughout the transaction as they want to keep a perfect satisfaction rating in order to enhance their reputation and their position as a CommissionChoppers Agent Partner!

Can I get one agent here to sell my home and another CommissionChoppers assigned agent in the city where I am buying next?

Absolutely! When signing up you will provide the address of the home you wish to list for sale and also the zip code of where you will be moving to. If those locations vary by more than 30 miles, you will be assigned to two different agents to assist you. You will receive a half percent (.5%) Buyer Bonus when purchasing your next home! On a $850,000 sale and $600,000 purchase that would add up to $20,000 in saving and bonuses!

Do you offer these incredible savings in my area?

If you reside in the Ontario, we offer incredible savings in your area! We have teamed up with the very best agents across the country, and they are eager to assist you with your real estate goals – and pass along unprecedented savings back to you!

This sounds too good to be true. There is no upfront fees?

Yes, that is right. CommissionChoppers does not charge home buyers and home sellers any upfront fee!

What if I don’t work well with my assigned agent?

While we make sure all our partner agents are professional and experienced, there can always be personality differences that get in the way. If you should have any issue that would deter you from working with your assigned real estate professional, please just contact CommissionChoppers and we will refer you to another CommissionChoppers partner agent.

When do I get my Buyer Bonus when buying a home?

When buying a home, you will receive your half percent (.5%) of purchase price credit on the closing . Or, your agent will disburse your .5% credit by cheque within 5 business day after receiving the commission from the listing brokerage.

If you didn’t see the answer to your question here, please contact CommissionChoppers!

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