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For decades to sell a property real estate agents charged the consumers anywhere from 5% to 6% commission. In another word, five to six percent of your home’s value is given away when selling! Nowadays the typical commission rate is about 5%.

The listing broker (agent) collects 5% and shares the commission with the co-operating broker (agent) (2.5% +2.5%). That 5% often consumes most of the hard-earned equity homeowners have earned, or even worse, some home sellers even end up losing money due to the high commissions rate.

Let’s take an average selling price of a home at $850,000. Calculate 5% plus HST equals to $48,025. Now I would ask you to google “what is average earning of a Canadian per year”? Google will say $51,000 per year.

WOW. Isn’t that incredible? The commission on selling your home is almost equals to average year salary of a Canadian.

Times have changed!

The kingswayTeam now offering a total commission of 1% to sell your home on MLS. We believe that with evolution of the internet, massive social media marketing and powerful networking there is no need for home sellers to pay such high commission to real estate brokers to sell their home.

KingswayTeam offers 1% total commission with same or even better service and support better results and net you much more money..

CommissionChoppers not only saves home sellers at least 30% off the industry average commission, but we have also made it possible for you to benefit when buying a home as well, with a .5% of home value closing credit!

If you are selling a home and buying a new one, you can combine it all and really save!

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